阿蘇の草木のにおいや湧き水が流れる中たたずむ築100年以上の旧洋裁女学校跡地。恵まれた自然と時間が止まっているような味わい深い木造の建物にtien tienはあります。食・色彩・人・物に常に触れる事をstyle conceptとし、私達は日々様々な活動を通じてtien tienに触れて頂いた全ての方が少しでも豊かで笑顔になれる提案をさせて頂きます。 tien tien is located amidst the fragrance of Aso’s greenery and purling springs at the site of a former girls’ tailoring school. Surrounded by splendid nature and within this century-old wooden building, you find tien tien, which transports you back into a very different time period. Our style concept draws on the four elements food, color, people, objects. We are keen on always leaving a smile on the faces of all Tien Tien visitors and customers.